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Anyone having been able to drive a Morgan along beautiful country roads, reports on exciting discoveries and great memories. So, what´s so special about driving a Morgan?


It´s driving with all senses – you smell, hear, see and touch your surroundings – that´s what makes the driving experience with a Morgan such a thrilling pleasure.

It all begins with the „birth“ of a Morgan. She´s being created with a lot of buzz. Once completed, every Morgan remains an eye catcher, uncomparably unique. Having spent a few days behind the steering wheel, there´s a specific view right in front of you – along the endless bonnet, which seemingly reflects the whole environment at eye level.


And the rumbling sound of her engine is a frequent companion. One doesn´t want to miss it.

The feeling experience is a matter of its own. Be it the touching of various surfaces of different materials, or the sheer indescribable response of the flexible chassis, while gliding along and sitting virtually at street level – it´s this sense of yours that is addressed most of all.

Your constant companion is that distinctive smell, a blend of the odor of leather, wood, and alloy. But your sense of smell is also increasingly attracted by the fragrance of the surrounding countryside. Be it the sea, or a glacier, or just the smell of a freshly cut field, causing that pleasing aah-moment.


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