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Rental Experiences

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Dear Marlies & Jörg Koessler,

I would like to thank you again for the two unforgettable days with the moggi. I'm still about ½ meters above the ground and the virus is growing in me a bit. It is true that I am the one who is officially allowed to please women - with a new kitchen! But with you that has another dimension - you make the men and the women happy - and how! The roadbook was great, thank you very much again - we were already a bit unprepared (without a map and without goals) on it and there it was very helpful - it was also a nice route; After that, the second day was of course highlighted by the search for alternative routes, as it is much nicer and more relaxed cruising! Everything just fit, from the very nice, warm and uncomplicated tour with you about the (for a guy like me) great and overwhelming impression when entering the hall with the beautiful vehicles to great instruction by the boss and of course not forgetting to mention the perfectly ordered weather. Of course, you do not stop there, but enjoy the wind to the fullest. All in all it was a few great days and also your cooperation with the Turmhof is a good thing - suitable for you very nice people!

Many greetings from my Hanni and you all the best to continue until next time!

Ludwig Haller




Dear Morgan Team,

Even the best time passes once, we are back home. What we have left are the beautiful memories of the city of Vienna and the joy of driving in glorious sunshine with a Morgan through the beautiful surroundings of Vienna. But the afternoon in your company has brought us a lot of joy. We were able to convince ourselves of the uniqueness of the morning, with all its nice features and have learned a lot about our dream car. The hotel in the heart of Vienna was for us an ideal starting point to all the sights of the city. The room or better the apartment was wonderful. We were very comfortable here. Many many thanks for everything you have organized for us.

With kind regards,

Marina and Wolfgang Schulze




Hello Fam. Koessler-Hammerschmid, Unfortunately, our vacation days we have been looking forward to for so long are over. We would like to sincerely thank you for the very friendly welcome. Unfortunately we had no luck on Sunday with the weather, but with the cars a lot of joy. On Tuesday we were undecided and did not trust the weather, otherwise we would have tried for another rental day. However, this will not be our last time in Baden.


A. Behringer

P.S. Thank you for the nice room.

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